Complaints Procedure


Ellerton Knight

Ellerton Knight is committed to providing a high quality and professional service and to maintain fair outcomes for our Customers. If you are dissatisfied or have any complaints about your policy or the handling of a claim you should, in the first instance, contact us on the following details:

By telephone:   +44 (0) 121 423 1000
By email:

By writing to:
The Customer Care Manager
Ellerton Knight
Rowney Green Lane
Rowney Green
B48 7QL

The aim of this procedure is to settle the complaint fairly and as quickly as possible. We will use our best endeavours to comply with the timeframes set out below.

  • A complaint received by Ellerton Knight (whether by letter, facsimile, e-mail, telephone conversation or other oral representation) will be allocated to an appropriate person to carry out an independent review of the justification of the complaint.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged in writing no later than five business days after receipt. That acknowledgement will include the name of the person who will be reviewing the complaint and a copy of this Complaint Procedure.
  • We will try to resolve a complaint within four weeks and give a written final response, or send an interim response explaining why we are not yet in a position to resolve matters.
  • By the end of eight weeks following receipt of a complaint, a final response will be issued or a further interim response giving an indication as to when a final response can be expected.
  • When we issue our final response we will include a copy of a leaflet published by Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”).

The FOS operates a dispute resolution facility for consumers, micro-enterprises (small businesses), small charities and trustees. An eligible Complainant has up to six months to register a complaint with the FOS if the outcome was not to their satisfaction. If you do not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider the complaint and will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances.

Should it prove necessary for the FOS to make a determination and the Complainant accepts it, then we are bound by that determination up to a specified maximum amount.

You can contact the FOS at:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

Telephone:   0800 0234 567 (normally free for land line users)
Telephone:   0300 1239 123 (charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers on mobile phone tariffs)

If you were sold this product online or by other electronic means and within the European Union (EU) you may refer your complaint to the EU Online dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. Upon receipt of your complaint the ODR will escalate your complaint to your local dispute resolution service – this process is free and conducted entirely online. You can access the ODR platform on